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For the past 30 years the Harmon Hope Foundation has has awarded scholarships to over 500 single mothers in an effort to lift them and their children out of poverty through education.

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Making a difference by providing hope to single mothers through education.

We strive to support, empower, and provide high quality resources to single mothers seeking to improve their lives through education.  Our scholarships help with tuition, books and fees as well as expenses other scholarships do not cover, such as laptops, required materials and educational supplies. These items are critical for a single mother seeking to advance their education.


We work hard to mentor each scholarship recipient and at the end of each semester or step toward completion, a follow-up assessment is made, to provide her with positive feedback and encouragement. Our success is not measured by the number of donations received or scholarships awarded but by the lives we are able to impact for good.


I am so grateful for the opportunity of education! It has blessed my life immensely. First, as a single mother and later as my own husband lost his job; the bank was shut down by the FDIC and I became the full-time provider as he transitioned to a new career.

Education is something no one can ever take away and gaining new skills and credentials opens doors for you to bless lives in ways you couldn’t have otherwise. It takes courage and a great deal of sacrifice but pays dividends. At the beginning of nursing school, the struggle was real for me. I’m quite certain I suffered from ADD/ ADHD and severe anxiety, but knew I had to push through and become self-reliant to provide for my two young daughters. There was nothing I was going to let stand in the way.

If you are considering pursing a certification or degree of any type I strongly encourage you to do it! If it feels right; shelf your fears and get started. Regardless of your age it will bless your life and others.

When I started this journey, it was surrounded with fear. I never thought I’d get here and now I am considering my doctorates. If someone would have told me this 20 years ago I would have never believed it possible. It took courage to step into the dark and move my feet. And a whole lot of faith, trust and prayers.

I absolutely LOVE being a NURSE and HEALER. It has brought my life so much joy!

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